Endured with the captivating infrastructure, MIDCITY brings you the wonders that unveil the climax of luxurious living. We ensure a dream lifestyle embedded with the perfect pearls of architecture where outstanding residencies, high-rising corporate towers, well-built community clubs, and green Spine contribute towards urban living. Providing world-class amenities in MIDCITY, we have created a vibrant, lovely, and eco-friendly environment for an enhanced urban living experience.


Backed by Sheliz Aplam Housing, MIDCITY is no less than a dream living place. Here, a proportional blend of architecture and amenities creates a fabulous living place where you can feel the essence of comfort, luxury, and serenity in every structure, from quality residential and commercial spaces to open spaces, green spines, and vibrant community clubs.

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MIDCITY has introduced an innovative concept to eliminate the urban travel challenges. We bring a five-minute community concept to encourage a safe, accessible, time-saving, green urban environment. This five-minute community establishes a central point for all amenities, enabling residents to move towards their required destination via walk or cycling to carry out daily life operations.

Rhythm, Balance, Harmony
MIDCITY is the epitome of well-planned apartments, homes and towns that seamlessly blend with green Core, facilitating residents to enjoy the essence of nature and have memorable moments of leisure. From infrastructural amenities to natural lush green cores, MIDCITY allows you to enjoy a well-balanced and harmonious urban living.
Closer to Outdoors
Dedicating our 62% of land to our esteemed residents, we ensure that the community interacts and moves efficiently in wide and open spaces and participates actively in daily activities.

Lifetime Memories

Our green and safe zones promote courageous community gatherings where you can enjoy gossip, have fun, collaborate constructively, and create everlasting memories to recall and enchant about.

Integrated Community

MIDCITY is much more than a residential place as we are here redefining luxurious urban living in true meaning. At MIDICTY, we have embedded essential planning and design elements to create a versatile living environment with all facilities, enabling our residential community to have the best living experience.

Big City Smart Living

MIDCITY is an exceptional engineering marvel, featuring well-planned homes, towns and commercial hubs. Our centrally controlled Smart Building & Community Management System uplifts your style.




MIDCITY houses an elite-class community club that allows community members to have critical discussions, enjoy relishing foods, and have fun and entertainment. This community club comprises

  • An exclusive Business center with an auditorium and boardroom.
  • A classy banquet center with a banquet hall, guest suites, and a dining lounge.
  • A leisure center for meet and greet, reading books, and watching your favourite movies.
  • A comprehensive sports center for playing table tennis, squash, and badminton.
  • A wellness center with a gymnasium, sauna, swimming pool and amphitheater.


Types pf Apartments



MIDCITY Pearls is a Standard Styled Family Apartment Community that caters to your needs for modern and comfortable residences in high-rise apartments with 2 bedrooms. These residencies are equally suitable for couples, families, and individuals seeking to enjoy their lifestyle with a new and lively living experience


Up Styled Family Apartment Community, Prestige complies with all standards of smartly built, green, and sustainable residences. These 3 & 4-bedroom apartments are equipped with all modern facilities to ensure a convenient lifestyle. Having lived here, you can accomplish your dream of an aesthetic and functional residence.


Types pf Properties

MIDICTY addresses all your property needs, and that’s why we have a range of well-planned, modern, and green residential properties for you. Our residential properties span small and large plots, giving you more flexibility to opt for what you like.

5 Marla

5.5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

Our residential district covers perfect residences for a comfortable and stylish life. At MIDCITY, we have a skillfully built community consisting of attached and detached homes, bungalows, villas, and multi-family homes where you can satisfy your thirst for modern and serene living.

Commercial District






MIDCITY Urbanista alters your whole urban living experience, where you get executive apartments and commercial shops for all kinds of business activities. Shopping centers, eating points, and deluxe apartments in Urbanista invite zealous individuals to enjoy an ultra-modern lifestyle. The Urbansita is equipped with all the amenities of structure, modernism, and facilities.


MIDCITY corporate towers are high-end luxurious commercial hubs where several small and large steups are welcomed to carry on their journey of success. The provided world-class amenities and the ultimate tower planning are vivid through their structure. Continuing your business activities in these customized spaces will be a new venture of success.

Community Club

MIDICTY encourages you to enjoy some lively moments free from the busy routine of daily life. Our community club is a central point where individuals can sit for entertainment, gossip, and relish delicious foods. Accompanied by all this is a corner for people fond of exercise and games to work out to lead a happy life.



MDICTY is my dream place that fulfils my all needs of a standard lifestyle. I feel happy and safe with my family here.

(Abdul-Razzaq- A resident)

One friend recommended that I start my new business at MIDCITY Corporate Towers. And I have found this building unique. Sitting in a hub of commerce boosts me and encourages me to keep on with my business journey.

(Ahmad Shah- A businessman)

I am in total love with this fantastic community. Here I can find all the facilities I need in my daily life. After all, this is all about enjoying a comfortable life.

( Shaista- A Housewife)

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