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Bringing People Closer

The real estate sector always looks to find ways that would not only bring people together, but instill a community-level enrichment in people’s lives. Humans have lived like that for centuries. In the age of globalization, the desire to connect is higher than ever. Building on a similar concept, MIDCITY is aiming to revolutionize real estate with ways to improve the quality of life. Focusing on...


The Future of Sustainable Urban Living

For centuries, human beings have had the desire to connect, now more than ever. This has resulted in the rise of communal living and micro-communities. The real estate sector is actively crafting places that bring people closer together and cultivate happiness in the form of communities. Thriving on a similar concept, MIDCITY is revolutionizing real estate with unconventional ways to improve the...


MIDCITY revolutionises urban living in Pakistan

Human beings have craved connection for centuries, and now more than ever before. As a result, communal living and micro-communities have risen in popularity. In the real estate sector, communities are actively designed to foster happiness in people and to offer people a sense of belonging. With a similar concept, MIDCITY is revolutionizing real estate by developing innovative ways to enhance the...

Securing a Real Estate Deal

With the increased number of frauds in the real estate sector, people have been reducing their investments in real estate. This has also led to security problems and this becomes a reason as to why many people tend to not rent out their property or even sell it for the different types of problems that might be incurred. If you are also concerned about your property or buying / renting someone else's...

Things to Consider when Renting a Property

Due to the constant rise in inflation as well as the property prices, there has been a change in trend from owning properties to renting properties. The cost of purchasing land and building a house have gone high drastically. On the other hand, rents appear to be cheaper and do not require a lump sum investment such as in the case of a personal house. With the rising trend of shifting to rental...

Legal Issues Faced in Real Estate

One of the most important issues that has to be concerned is that there are a vast number of legal issues that are faced in real estate. Making safe investments has become quite difficult because of an increase in these legal issues. Despite various laws regarding real estate, people are unable to overcome the legal problems and end up losing their properties as well. Find out more about the different...

How to make the right real estate investment?

Real Estate Investment has good returns but there are major risks that need to be considered by the investors prior to making their investment. There are various possible factors which need to be evaluated by the investors such as the down payment required, location of the property, legal and compliance factors, as well as expectations for future development. Follow the five important tips to make the...

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Midcity Starts Handing Over Possession!

MIDCITY is delighted to announce the early possession of Phase-I (C-Block) and to celebrate this exciting achievement, MIDCITY is extending a discount incentive to the first 50 members (T&C apply).

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