MIDCITY revolutionises urban living in Pakistan

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Human beings have craved connection for centuries, and now more than ever before. As a result, communal living and micro-communities have risen in popularity. In the real estate sector, communities are actively designed to foster happiness in people and to offer people a sense of belonging.

With a similar concept, MIDCITY is revolutionizing real estate by developing innovative ways to enhance the quality of life. Focusing on fostering wholesome living in a green environment, MIDCITY is the ultimate definition of luxury, affordability, convenience and community-building.

What started off as a community living concept has turned into a dream living experience in the form of a luxurious community. Featuring multiple amenities, MIDCITY has become a unique brand and set a benchmark for others to follow.

Where is it located?

The LDA-approved housing scheme MIDCITY is easily one of the most top-notch residential and commercial real estates of the City situated in Lahore South and easily accessible from Lahore East, Lahore West and Lahore North through Ring Road L-20.

Diverse modern planning techniques have been applied in a fine, delicate manner in order to cater to the wellbeing of the community. MIDCITY has been carefully shaped in a way that optimally balances residential and commercial life, after considering no less than 100 different variations in planning.

Offering a new model of sustainable urban living, the community oozes elegance and luxury that lives up to its expectations of the 21st century.

Residential District ‘five-minute Community’

MIDCITY’s architecturally designed Residential District offers an ambiance of luxury communal living. Designed to provide ease of access all through the community, the elaborately constructed pedestrian pathways and cycling tracks ensure that farthest ones of the community can reach their destinations in a matter of five minutes.

MIDCITY stands out from other walkable communities as each street is a private street and each home is truly a home encapsulating the core of the concept of “home is where the heart is”.

The community features a picturesque central park equipped with lush-green lawns, children’s play areas, a clubhouse equipped with fully-serviced dining rooms, fitness, wellness, and sports facilities, an amphitheater, and meet & greet spaces.

MIDCITY also offers easy access to markets and convenience shops, a spacious and an elegant central masjid, a school, a clubhouse and a smart housing management system.

Apartment District ‘five-minute Community’

MIDCITY provides both MID-RISE Apartments and HIGH-RISE Apartments while following all compliance policies regarding size, structure, and location. Apartments guarantee a healthy, luxurious, and peaceful way of life through their design and execution.

With a 60′ wide Avenue Sunrise and an Avenue Sunset, MIDCITY apartments offer comfort and ease of access with a brilliant backdrop of the lively central park, spacious bedrooms and well-lit living rooms, enhancing the ample design and giving them a welcoming ambiance.

Business District ‘High Street of Lahore South’

Facilitating local and global brands in one place, MIDCITY Business District is built with a ‘customer first’ approach. The logically designed business district on a 150-feet boulevard connects the Lahore South to North and Central.

With a wide space customized for brands, banks, eateries, and retail showrooms, MIDCITY Business District aims to be the “High Street of Lahore South” and is bound to become the future hub of shopping.

Project Highlights

Accessible Green Spaces

What makes MIDCITY a benchmark of sustainable urban living is the ease of access it provides in the form of connecting pedestrian pathways in the midst of green spaces. These green spaces are meant to improve children’s overall health and relieve stress, as they are easily accessible to everyone.

Pedestrian Pathways and Bicycle Tracks

To encourage active mobility for everyone, active pedestrian and bicycle-oriented spaces ensure safe and strategic access to locations like schools, parks, and community centres.

Responsible Planning of Land

Designed with sociability, functionality, affordability, and sustainability in mind, MIDCITY makes life convenient and luxurious while also encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Its human-centric design provides abundant sociable spaces, which promote vehicle-free zones and green spaces that are healthy and conducive to community living.

Legitimacy & Compliance

In accordance with the LDA’s rules and regulations, MIDCITY has been planned and designed with all the necessary approvals from the authorities. Layout plans are also published for public viewing, ensuring legitimacy, fairness, and transparency.

A new standard for sustainable urban living has been set with MIDCITY’s unique take on building a healthy, luxurious community that offers all the necessities while keeping its community health in check.

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